Here's what our clients are saying:

How my Marriage got saved

l want to use this opportunity to thank God for the wisdom and knowledge he has given Mommy So to help couples during challenging moments. l especially have been richly blessed. l met mommy at a time when l was so crushed emotionally, my husband had betrayed my trust and l was about giving up on my marriage. she made me understand that my husband wasn’t my enemy but the devil trying to destroy my home. she was always available to listen and propose solution no matter the time. she prayed with me and for me and guided me through out, encouraging me with scriptural passages which enhanced my healing process. Right now l have so much peace that l sometimes marvel at how God works. once more thanks so much mommy for everything. l pray God will equip you for the greater task ahead , may you be blessed now and forevermore.

Beauty Sama A

Awesome experience

Sol-Angel is an amazing marriage coach and a woman of God. Through her sessions and the online show(The Blissful Couples Corner) my relationship with my husband was revived and I’m so grateful I found her.


Love Language

Blissful couples corner has blessed me with understanding my Spouses love language. Now I can love him the way he wants to be loved and not how I think I should show him love. One other thing I love about blissful corner is the fact that they stand on the principles of God’s word when delivering teaching or counseling to their clients. If you want to have an exciting, passionate and love filled marriage then look no further. Thank you blissful couples corner.

Azinwi Boma

The “gingering” corner

This corner has it all. Sis Solange has this “gingering” enthusiasm when speaking to her audience that you want to keep watching and re-watching each episode. From her and her husband I’ve learned that marriage is not a race. Everyone will experience it different, so patience and continuous trust in the lord to guide you to the right partner is very important.

Gillian Tamia