The events of life can really keep us busy and drift couples away from each other intentionally or intentionally. This brings disconnection and may put off the flames of love and romance in the relationship. This one-day couples retreat is aimed at reconnecting with your spouse and bringing back that spark you had when you first fell in love with each other through fun games, activities and educative talks from guest speakers. It would be an experience to intentionally reconnect to your spouse and park back that fire in that relationship.

What will I benefit from attending this retreat?

  1. Rekindle the romance and increase your love
  2. Learn to satisfy each other’s need
  3. learn effective ways of communication
  4. learn skills to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner
  5. improve your intimacy and connection with your spouse
  6. Learn how to rebuild trust in your relationship
  7. Win exciting Prizes for couples’ games

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