The events of life can really keep us busy and drift couples away from each other intentionally or unintentionally. This brings disconnection and may put off the flames of love and romance in your marriage. This two-days couples retreat is aimed at reconnecting with your spouse and bring back that spark you both had when you first fell in love with each other through fun games, activities, and educative talks from guest speakers. It would be an experience to intentionally reconnect to your spouse and spark back that fire in that relationship.

If you are here, you probably fall in one of these categories,

    • you are engaged and want to prepare for a blissful marriage and make that marriage work
    • You just got married and want to walk on the right path to make that marriage happy and blissful
    • You have challenges in your marriage and want to make things better

Which ever one you fall in you are at the right place and at the right time because this 2 -days retreat, our personalized coaching program and our online podcast shows will give you just the best tips needed for your situation, so sit tight and let’s get started!!

    • Are you ready to take your romance to the next level?
    • Are you ready to rekindle the flames of love you had when you first met?
    • Are you ready for emotional reconnection with your spouse?
    • Are you ready to spice up that staled marriage to its full splendor?
    • Are you engaged and need ideas to have a blissful marriage?

If your answer is ‘YES’, then You are ready for the Blissful couples corner marriage retreat 2.0, Let’s roll!!

What is a marriage retreat about?

It is an event where couples come together in a safe space stepping away from distractions of life to either heal their broken or struggling relationships or to bring back reconnection between them. As the name says it is for couples, so it is advisable to attend this retreat as a couple to get its full benefit. because this provides quality time for both without distractions. Being that this is a virtual retreat it is advised that you intentionally create time and rid yourselves of any possible distractions in you location and focus the day on you and your partner for best experience.

What I benefit from the Retreat

  1. Rekindle romance and increase your love
  2. Learn to satisfy each other’s need
  3. learn effective ways of communication
  4. learn skills to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner
  5. improve your intimacy and connection with your spouse
  6. Learn how to rebuild trust in your relationship
  7. Win exciting Prizes for couples’ games
  8. Free 4 weeks follow up on guided plan to improve your relation using what you learned from retreat


What is the foundation and purpose of marriage?

What is your approach to marriage and what does it mean to you? What value do you place on it? Is it a covenant or a piece of paper contract? Your answers to these questions will greatly determine how you face or handle the challenges in your marriage

2.Recognizing and accepting strengths and weaknesses and partnership:

Everyone has weaknesses and strengths, recognizing and accepting our weaknesses goes a long way to resolve conflicts in relationships because our weaknesses are often the sources of arguments and conflicts especially when couples don’t want to accept and work on them. Couples got to understand that though there is a leader who is the man but corporation, partnership and shared understanding is needed to sail that boat of marriage peacefully. Couples will learn how to tackle this aspect during the retreat.

3.Developing a strong communication strategy:

Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship, and its importance can not be over emphasized in marriage. Open and honest conversation in everything ranging from finance to sex is needed for a successful marriage and this goes with good communication strategy. Understanding your partner’s love language is a great part of communication in marriage. You will learn great communication skills and strategies to help better this aspect in your relationship and will be trained to identify and use your Partner’s love language for a better relationship.

4. Rebuilding Trust:

Trust I could say is an expensive currency n marriage, once lost it can be so difficult to rebuild especially if it caused by infidelity. Many marriages are in peril because of lost trust and one person has vowed never to trust the other again because of the betrayal and bridge of trust. In this retreat couples will learn ways to navigate through this problem and learn the apology languages that may make a big difference

5. Building/Rebuilding Emotional Connection:

Many couples have lost emotional touch with one another and just live like roommates, but one important goal in your marriage should be to be best friends with your partner. Emotional disconnection can be caused by many things ranging from lost Trust to simple miscommunication. You will learn ways to navigate through these conflicts and how to reestablish emotional connection with your partner

6. Creating Sexual paradise:

The role of sex in marriage is so important and a healthy sex life is vital for a successful marriage. But many couples have issues in this area for one reason or the other which could be differences in libido, cultural differences on views of sex, trust issues, tension, stress and many others. Couples will learn ways to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for maximum sexual and sensual pleasure aiming at satisfying each other and more importantly to keep this connection lasting

7. Keep the flames of love Burning:

Yes, it may sound funny saying staying in Love with your partner but it’s a reality that couples do fall out of love with their partners. You will learn how to keep this new fire you just reignited in this retreat burning by learning techniques to keep the above 6 things you have learned to stay in love with your partner.


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