I am Sol- Angel a relation coach /marriage counselor, I help couples find solutions and navigate through the challenges they face in their relationships and marriages by building strong communication, trust, intimacy, and connection, so that they can build the strong, lasting, and flourishing marriages and relationships they have always dreamt of.

My desire to help couples have a good marriage experience is both a personal passion and a calling from God. I have amazing parents whom I love and cherish with everything I have; they gave my siblings and I the best life they could possibly give us in their own little way. My dad made sure we lacked nothing essential to us growing up especially me being the spoiled daddy’s girl. But their marriage was not the best as I noticed growing up with too many fights which made me say to myself at one point that I would not get married especially because I could not understand why the fights, it was so heart breaking for me.

But I grew up fell in love and then had a change of mind that I would make my own relationship better and help others to make their better. I started helping my friends in troubled relationships with advice and it will help them. Fast forward years ahead I got married to the most amazing man on earth, yes, we each had our flaws but worked on it and it’s been an amazing journey.