Welcome to the Blissful couples Corner, a safe space to talk about the relationship between couples and find solutions to build, rekindle and grow a flourishing marriage.

I am Sol- Angel a relation coach /marriage counselor, I help couples find solutions and navigate through the challenges they face in their relationships and marriages by building strong communication, trust, intimacy, and connection, so that they can build the strong, lasting, and flourishing marriages and relationships they have always dreamt of.

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The Blissful Couples Corner:

‘The flavors and Splendors of Marriage’

At the Blissful Couples Corner, we help to guide couples navigate through their challenges in marriage so that they can restore their marriages, rekindle the dying flames of love, bring back romance, connectivity, trust in a Godly way by creating a unique solution that speaks to their specific challenges because every marriage has a different challenge so no one way can be a solution to different couples


Valentine's Retreat and Gala

Saturday, February 2024
Rekindling Whispers of Love & Romance

Bowie, Maryland


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